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Who is K2 Systems? The outdoor outfitter in Queensland? The inlines skate brand?

Well, not quite. K2 Systems is the engineering leader of mounting solutions for solar plants and has open a new location in Brisbane.

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An mounting system manufacturer from Germany? Have a look!

  • You waste a lot of time planning your PV projects and you are pretty annoyed that no manufacturer has come up with something yet?
  • Are you wondering how many roof hooks you need and where exactly you should mount them so that your customer will happily produce solar energy and be completely satisfied for the next 20 years?


Then have a look at the K2 Base software. Here you can quickly and easily set up the mounting system in five steps, get a reliable static verification and a detailed mounting plan.


And if you have any questions about PV design or the components, contact our Australian team directly, who will be happy to help you in word and deed. And if they don't know what to do, the ingenious K2 community will help, because K2 has been developing high-quality mounting systems since 2004, has experienced employees and in over 130 countries K2 racking systems are installed.


From us, K2 Systems Pty Limited, you get suitable products and a user-friendly software that saves you a lot of time and finally gives you more time to install! Curious, we would like to introduce ourselves!

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K2 Systems Pty Limited

K2 Systems Pty Limited is the ninth location of K2 Systems, the global market leader for mounting systems. Our international customers and partners are convinced by the high quality and functionality of the proven racking systems for installation on pitched and flat roofs or for tailor-made projects since 2004. With an installed capacity of over 16 GW, our solutions are in use in over 130 countries.

The new location continues the company's vision on the path to 100 % renewable energy and is pleased to be a corporate member of the Clean Energy Council to further the development of clean energy in Australia.


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Your K2 contacts

Our Australian collegues Ciaran Murphy, Inside Sales Support, and David McCallum, Managing Director, (from left to right) know your country and its people and provide on-site advice based on their many years of PV experience.

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‘I have had a fantastic journey in the Australian solar market with different manufacturers, large retailers in the solar industry since 2000. As the Managing Director for Australia of Conergy I accompanied Australians first largest scale solar and battery project in North Queensland with 5.4 MW battery grid to the township. Another project was in 2016 called ‘solar heart of New Caledonia’ with 2 MW,’ said David McCallum. ‘The journey with K2, including to expand and built a new market here in Australia, is great!’

Software K2 Base? How does it support you?

David McCallum‘One of the biggest benefits of K2 is the planning software K2 Base. It ensures that the system can be planned according to the Building Code and the Australian Standard AS1170.2. Especially for our more than 4,000 kilometres of coastline from Queensland to Victoria, the wind loads must be correctly considered in the planning. With Base, the installer knows what and how many components they need and where to fix them before they even start the installation. I am very pleased to be able to offer the mounting systems in combination with this great design tool in Australia, because it simplifies the installers' lifes immensely!’

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Residential: Corrugated and tile roofing

Initially, we offer the L-Foot for corrugated and trapezoidal sheet metal roofs (Trimdeck) and the SingleHook Vario for tiles. All products are certified and can be planned in K2 Base.


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