Planning a PV system on a tile residential roof with K2 Base

Suitable mounting system: SingleRail with SingleHook Vario

In this video we show you how to plan a PV system in Australia on a tile residential roof with our free planning software K2 Base using our SingleRail mounting system with the SingleHook Vario:


  • 0:17  |  Create a new project
  • 0:22  |  Fill in project data (address, name etc.)
  • 0:46  |  Set area for the plant
  • 0:59  |  Enter roof type, roof covering, roof data, and draw roof
  • 1:31  |  Select modules
  • 1:45  |  Select suitable mounting system, in this example the SingleRail System
  • 1:50  |  Pulling the module array onto the roof
  • 2:05  |  Determine loads of your project automatically
  • 2:47  |  Planning the results
  • 3:19  |  Planning summary and export options
  • 3:57  |  Output of the PDF report including item list, module plan and structural analysis report (also as Excel export)


The longstanding experience, the service-oriented principles, as well as the personal touch ensure that K2 is the ideal partner. Equally important for us are easy-to-install products and simple design in the free software K2 Base.

Planning in 5 steps, the intuitive user interface, integrated national annexes and networking with inverter manufacturers make K2 Base a popular planning tool worldwide.



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