K2 Base: Easy, fast and safe!

Plan professional PV systems in only 5 steps

Our cost-free planning tool K2 Base (base.k2-systems.com) has a dashboard for efficient project management. With the clear structure you keep an eye on all projects. The user interface is easy to use. The software architecture in the background ensures fast calculations. Our interface K2+ includes a connection to SolarEdge, SMA, Fronius, Kostal, GoodWe and archelios™ Pro.

More about K2 Base

Demo video

You haven't tried PV planning in K2 Base yet and are curious? Then we recommend our beginner's video.

Functions and user interface

  • Dashboard: All at a glance
  • Project list: All important facts
  • Roof and Design: Perfect planning step by step
  • Summary and K2+: Export your report and transfer your project data to other tools

PV mounting systems for…

Corrugated sheet metal roofings

The SingleRail PV mounting system is flexible in  use for different roofings. On corrugated tin roofings  a classic L-foot is used as roof attachment. You can add an additional adapter for corrugation which improves the sealing and makes the alignment perfect.



Concrete or clay tiles: SingleHook Vario tile brackets

Our European roof hook experience is fully integrated in our SingleRail system. We use all-waether stainless steel and corrosion-fee aluminium for our tile brackets. They are height adjustable and the brackets can be move side-wise t fit best with any tile.
You can also build with two rail layers to change the module orientation or simply to improve the ventilation and power output of the modules.

Trapezoidal sheet metal

This roofing type is a key application area for us. We developed solutions based on the SingleRail system and fixation in the sub structure but we also offer solutions with fixation in the roofings.
This saves much assembly time and lots of material. These mounting systems are proven worldwide, certified where necessarry and are one of the fastest growing installation methods in this application field.