PV mounting systems for corrugated or trapezoidal sheet roofings

Our SingleRail mounting system is a very good choice for corrugated or trapezoidal tin roofing. The mounting rail is height adjustable at the L-foot connection. This makes vertical corrections caused by the roof structure possible.

K2 Base: Easy planning tool

Planning your project with the SingleRail System in K2 Base is super easy. This mounting system is very flexible and can be used for many roofing types.
The design process in K2 Base lets you plan residential projects like a clockwork and even large commercial projects are no longer an obstacle. The software creates exact assembly plans and flawless BOMs.

Corrugated sheet metal roofings

The SingleRail PV mounting system can be used flexibly for different roof coverings. On corrugated tin roofings a classic L-foot is used as roof attachment. You can add an additional adapter for corrugation which improves the sealing and makes the alignment perfect.



Trapezoidal sheet metal or Trimdek

This roofing type is a key application area for us. We developed solutions based on the SingleRail system and fixation in the substructure but we also offer solutions with fixation in the roofings.
This saves much assembly time and lots of material. These mounting systems are proven worldwide, certified where necessary and are one of the fastest growing installation methods in this application field. They fit for almost all sheet metal types, high crest distances and even for Trimdeck roofing.

K2 Base: Easy planning tool

The planning process in K2 Base helps you with perfect placement, proven loads calculation and a flawless BOM. Only five steps are necessary to achieve a ready-to-build result. Plan big commercial PV systems like clockwork as well as pain free residential project management.

Several little helpers make your project management easy. You can exchange planning data with partners and export it to other tools for electric wiring or yield planning.