PV mounting systems for tile roofing

Our roof hooks for the SingleRail mounting system are height adjustable. So they can be used for almost any tile. The mounting rail is height adjustable at bracket connection. This makes vertical corrections caused by the roof structure possible.

K2 Base: Easy planning tool

The SingleRail system planned in K2 Base makes your project planning supereasy. This mounting system is very flexible an can be used for many roofing types.
The design process in K2 Base let's you plan residential projects like a clockwork and big commercial are no obstacle any more. The software creates exact assembly plans and flawless BOMs.

Concrete or clay tiles: SingleHook Vario tile brackets

Our European roof hook experience is fully integrated in our SingleRail system. We use all-waether stainless steel and corrosion-fee aluminium for our tile brackets. They are height adjustable and the brackets can be move side-wise t fit best with any tile.
You can also build with two rail layers to change the module orientation or simply to improve the ventilation and power output of the modules.

K2 Base: Easy planning tool

The planning process in K2 Base helps you with perfect placement, proven loads calculation and a flawless BOM. Only five steps are necessary to achieve a built-ready result. Plan big commercial PV systems like clockwork as well as painfree residential project management.

Several little helpers make your project management easy. You can exchange planning data with partners and you can export to other tools for electric wirering or yield planning.