K2 Base 3.1.0.X

With this release of our K2 Base PV planning software for photovoltaic systems, we bring many new features and improvements to users.


Gal Roter, Product Manager of K2 Base, introduces the most important new features in the following video.

Most important new features


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  • Menu sidebar
    • Collapse/expand state should be persisted for the user
    • Open project context menu lists the open project options
    • Save option: auto-save option can be turned on. This user preference is also persisted for the user.
    • Undo/Redo: menu sidebar buttons and keyboard shortcuts are supported for undo/redo via Ctrl Z/Y respectively.
  • Dashboard
    • The project context is cleared when in dashboard page. Saving changes are to be done before navigating to the dashboard page.
    • Dashboard view modes: by default the project list is displayed, but it is possible to switch to the card mode. This preference is also persisted for the user.
    • Changing project status is possible from the list.
    • Cards view mode: projects can be dragged and dropped between status columns.
    • Dynamic project filters and search projects for both view modes. Filters have 4 levels: first level is custom user tags. Second level is roof type. Third level is mounting system family. Forth level is a specific product variant.
    • Opening a project from the list is done by clicking once, no double click.
  • New projects: No address is selected at first, image capture done on first step, street view is enabled for reference although the satellite image is always captured. The first satellite image in the project is captured already in the project page.
  • Loads
    • Loads tab is right after the project tab. General load settings are set as per project and not as per roof.
    • Load detection is done automatically.
    • Finland: Building standard and automatic load detection integrated.
  • Roof
    • When adding a consecutive roof, it is still possible to capture an additional image via the map tab on the roof page.
    • Roof page contains a new tab for roof calculated loads and specific parameters.
  • Design
    • When selecting a PV module, systems that do not support its dimensions are grayed out with tooltip explaining the constraints.
    • When changing a module type for an existing system, a label shows the system limitations.
  • Summary
    • CAD export is available to either DWG or DXF.
    • In multi-roof projects, individual roof BOM can now be edited. The combined BOM is only editable for project discount.
    • BOM displays sales units number and quantity per unit, and also price per Watt.
    • BOM custom line items can be added (items that are not part of the price list).

We would be happy to receive feedback from you about the new features. Just test it and send us your ideas for improvement.



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