Dress Up Your Solar Array: Skirts, Sleeves and Caps

Your solar array never looked so good!

For an aesthetically pleasing look, our Array Skirt, Rail Sleeve and End Caps give your system a finished look that your customers will love!

Array Skirt for Shared Rail PV Mounting System

New Array Skirt

Our new Array Skirt will cover your rail and wires with a finished edge for a sleek look. Our black Array Skirt for CrossRail Shared Rail System installs fast and simple with no additional hardware needed. Watch our one minute introduction video below of CrossRail Shared Rail System for more information.

Rail Sleeve for CrossRail PV Mounting System

New Rail Sleeve

Our new Rail Sleeve for CrossRail 48-S or 48 installs fast and simple. Get a dark look by hiding the ends of rail to get the sleek black finish at a low cost! Our universal Rail Sleeve quickly snaps onto CrossRail 48-S or slides onto CrossRail 48.

End Cap for CrossRail PV Mounting System

End Caps for CrossRail 48-S/48/80

Our End Caps for CrossRail 48-S/48/80 finish the job by covering the rail profiles. No need for rights and lefts, our universal end caps install fast and simple on either side. Complete the look with End Caps at a low cost and quick install time!


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