Base Update Version 2.0

CrossRail System

Our standard CrossRail dual rail system can now be designed in Base.

CrossRail Shared Rail System

Our innovative CrossRail Shared Rail System is also now available to work with in Base.

Name change

Name change

We changed the software name from 'Base On' to 'Base'. This is now our all encompassing design tool where you can create projects for CrossRail, Shared Rail, Dome and MiniRail. 


More roof types added

We've added more roof types, shapes and coverings to help you design the most accurate project. 

Name change

3D View

Base gives you a 3D view of your project by using Google Maps, allowing you to draw your roof and add your modules with ease.

2D View

2D View

If you prefer to work in 2D view you can switch from 3D to 2D with just a click of a button. 



In the results tab you can see all of the details of your project and even edit which components you'd like to use. 

Join us for a webinar on Base

This is just the tip of the iceberg! Join us for our Base webinar on June 5th at 10 AM PST to learn about all of its new and improved features. Our Product Development Manager, Tyler Wiggins, will take you through the tool and show you all the tips n' tricks for how to best design your project. Our Technical Sales Representative, Ulises Colon, will also be helping Tyler and providing Spanish translation for our friends from Latin America. Click the link below to register! 


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