CrossRail 44-X

Introducing our new rail profile, the CrossRail 44-X.

Now Available: CrossRail 44-X

The CrossRail 44-X is K2's optimized rail profile.


  • One rail for all markets
  • Built-in wire management
  • NEW! Structural Rail Connector

Part Numbers:


  • 4000019 | CrossRail 44-X 166'', Mill
  • 4000020 | CrossRail 44-X 166'', Dark
  • 4000021 | CrossRail 44-X 180'', Mill
  • 4000022 | CrossRail 44-X 180'', Dark


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Technical Information
CR 44-X Product Sheet US01-0520
CrossRail Technical Sheet US01-0221
RailConn Quick Guide US01-0121


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