CrossRail 48-XL

Everest CrossRail 48-XL Rail
Our newest rail profile: CrossRail 48-XL

Now Shipping: New CrossRail 48-XL

Our new CrossRail 48-XL is now shipping!

  • Optimized rail profile for moderate snow and wind loads
  • Integrated wire management
  • UL 2703 Listed for Bonding and Fire


Use the same components as CrossRail 48-X:

  • Universal CrossRail Mid and End Clamps (30-47mm)
  • Structural Splice 
  • End Cap
  • Rail Sleeve


Recommended and General Spans:

  • 8 ft spans at 0 psf snow and up to 120 mph wind
  • 6 ft spans at 20 psf snow and up to 150 mph wind
  • 4 ft spans at 50 psf snow and up to 170 mph wind


Below you can find a downloadable list of the technical information for this rail.

CrossRail 48-XL

CrossRail 48-XL Structural Splice

Our CrossRail 48-XL rail profile is compatible with the CrossRail 48-X Rail Connector. This means you only need 1 splice for 2 rail profiles. The structural components approximately eliminates one roof attachment per splice!

Technical Information
CrossRail 48-XL Intro Sheet US1-0518
CrossRail 48-X,48-XL Rail Connector Quick Guide US02-1218
CrossRail 48-XL Splice CA US01-0618  - Engineering letter


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