Integrated Bonding Clamps

Everest CrossRail Mid and End Clamps
Our universal CrossRail Mid and End Clamps are fast to install!

Integrated Bonding

Our mid and end clamps are UL Listed for bonding. This electrically connects all the modules in a sub-array or module row, so you only need one grounding lug per module row or per sub-array. 


Why is integrated bonding important?

  • Eliminates the need to individually grounding each module
  • Eliminates the need for bonding jumpers
  • Verifies that modules are compatible with our racking system
  • Required by certain jurisdictions


How our clamps bond:

Our clamps have two main pieces that help bond the modules - the top clamp (mid or end) and the slot nut (MK3 or MK2).

  • The top clamp has teeth that bite into the module frame.
  • Our patented MK3 slot nut keeps the clamp in place in our rail and pierces into the anodization layer of the rail.
  • Note: if there is no anodization, most mill on mill products bond together and our MK2 can be used


Below you can find a downloadable list of the modules we have tested with and been approved. 

If there is a module you use that is not on our list. Please contact us so we can get that tested!


CrossRail Shared Rail Bonding Path

CrossRail Shared Rail Bonding Path

Our CrossRail SharedRail System is installed in sub-arrays because the modules share rails. The red arrows represent the bonding path in this system. The clamps bite into the rail and the module to complete the electrical bond throughout the sub-array. This sub-array only needs one lug to ground the system.

Technical Information
Clamps Technical Sheet US01-0321
Everest Clamps - UL Listed for Bonding - Approved Modules  *** Updated as of March 2018 - for the most current listing, please visit and search Everest Solar Systems ***


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