K2 Single Tool System

A new and improved racking system has arrived!

Introducing the K2 Single Tool System, a complete line of Everest racking products that can be installed using a single tool. The series begins with the fully redesigned CrossRail 44-X; a smaller and lighter rail profile that maintains the strength and quality of the CrossRail family. With a new and improved mid clamp that allows for even more wire management in the rail channel. An updated Yeti Clamp (hidden end clamp) allows for superior aesthetics and strength on your solar array. The best thing about all these products is that they are universally compatible with all CrossRail profiles. Take a look at all the new products listed below. 


CrossRail 44-X: New and improved rail profile

  • Optimized rail profile
  • One rail for all markets
  • Built-in wire management
  • Tested up to 200 mph winds and 100 PSF


New Mid Clamp: Enhanced Wire Management

  • Same product, improved design
  • Preassembled clamp = simple installation
  • Secures wires in rail channel
  • MK3 technology = better rail engagement


Yeti Clamp: Hidden End Clamp

  • Better aesthetics
  • Hides rails while properly securing modules
  • Interior clamping preferred by module manufacturers
  • No special tools or awkward installation

Ground Lug

Improved Everest Ground Lug

  • Enhanced design installs in top rail channel
  • Preassembled hardware
  • MK3 technology = better rail engagement
  • 30% cost savings


Updated Climber Set

  • Secures east/west rails in CrossRail Tilt Up System
  • Preassembled hardware
  • Quick and easy to install
  • MK3 technology = better rail engagement

CR Opt

CR Optimizer and Micro Inverter Mounting Kit

  • One handed and one tool installation
  • Preassembled hardware
  • MK3 technology = better rail engagement
  • UL 2703 listed for bonding and grounding

TC Wire Clip

Everest's Wire Management: TC Wire Clip

  • Secures wires in rail channel
  • No tools needed
  • Quick and easy to install
  • Compatible with all CrossRail profiles

T-Foot X

New Mount: T-Foot X

  • 6" standoff eliminates need for L-Foot
  • All hardware included and preassembled
  • Quick and easy to install
  • Compatible with Chem Link 4" E-Curb



Everest Catalog US05-0520

Product Sheet

Product Sheet
CrossRail 44-X Product Sheet US01-0520
Everest Ground Lug Product Sheet US03-0120
Flat Tile Hook Product Sheet US03-0320
Mid Clamp Product Sheet US01-0120
TC Wire Clip Product Sheet US01-1219
T-Foot X Product Sheet US03-0720
Yeti Clamp Product Sheet US03-0120

Quick Guide

Quick Guide
CrossRail 44-X Rail Connector Quick Guide US01-0520
Everest Ground Lug Quick Guide US03-0120
Flat Tile Hook Quick Guide US01-0419
T-Foot X Quick Guide US03-0720
Yeti Clamp Quick Guide US03-0120

Technical Sheet

Technical Sheet
CrossRail Technical Sheet US09-0320
Everest Ground Lug Technical Sheet US01-0120
Flat Tile Hook US01-0419
Mid Clamp Technical Sheet US01-0320
T-Foot X Technical Sheet US03-0720
Yeti Clamp Technical Sheet US01-0120

If you'd like to sample any of our new products, please contact the sales representative responsible for your region. If you have any questions or comments on these products, please fill out our contact form. Thank you for your interest!


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