New! MiniRail XPRess

MiniRail XPRess
The new MiniRail XPRess for trapezoidal metal roofs as thin as 29 gauge.

New! MiniRail XPRess for Trapezoidal Metal Roofs

Our newest solution for trapezoidal metal roofs is our MiniRail XPRess system. These short pieces of rail make it faster and simpler to layout your array. 



  • High quality engineered
  • Optimized for trapezoidal metal roof installation
  • Easier attachment layout
  • EPDM backing to reduce the chance of water intrusion


Available now!


MiniRail XPRess

MiniRail XPRess System

Each MiniRail XPRess Base is 17 inches long and is preassembled with the EPDM backing. Each Base is fastened by 4 EJOT screws that have a EPDM washer to reduce the chance of water intrusion.

For more information, visit our MiniRail XPRess page, or contact us directly.


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