Slide Bracket

Slide bracket for CrossRail Systems
Slide Bracket for CrossRail Shared Rail System makes module fixation fast and simple!

CrossRail Shared Rail: Fastest, most cost effective mounting solution

We officially launched our Slide Bracket to simplify the installation of our CrossRail Shared Rail System!


CrossRail Shared Rail uses fewer rail resulting in fewer roof attachments. This means you can save money on labor, material and reduce time on the roof.


To simplify installation, our innovative Slide Bracket provides about 4 inches of North/South adjustability for easy module alignment. Pair this with our EverFlash to reduce the chance of water intrusion.


In addition, our structural Rail Connectors allow you to safely and quickly preassemble rails on the ground. For an aesthetically pleasing look, our Array Skirt and End Caps give the system a finished look that your customers will love!

CrossRail Shared Rail System


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