Splice Foot X & XL

THOR Series

Splice Foot X & XL

Available in two profiles, the Splice Foot X & XL are an all-in-one splice and mount with K2 EverSeal technology attached to the base.


  • 4000113 | Splice Foot X Kit, Mill
  • 4000162 | Splice Foot XL Kit, Mill


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Technical Information
Splice Foot X & XL Product Sheet US02-1021
Splice Foot X & XL Assembly Instructions US02-1021
Splice Foot X & XL Technical Sheet US02-1021
Splice Foot X CA Engineering Letter US01-0521
Splice Foot XL CA Engineering Letter US01-0521
ICC-ES Evaluation Report Roof Tech Flexible Flashing US01-0821
Intertek Splice Foot TAS 100(A) Miami-Dade Engineering Letter US01-0521
K2 Systems Components - Certificate of Compliance US01-0421
K2 25 Year Warranty


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