T.H.O.R. Series

THOR Series

Weather all storms with a T.H.O.R. Series tile hook

Tile roofs have been known to be one of the more challenging roof types to work on when installing solar mounting systems. Tile roofs vary in so many different ways and in so many different conditions that it can be hard to find one single mount to accomplish all the needs for solar installers in various regions on the world; that is until now. With the experience of the K2 Systems team and feedback from our trusted partners, we have come out with a full line of Tile Hooks On Roof products. With the T.H.O.R. Series options, you’re sure to have a reliable roof attachment for every tile roof type. The T.H.O.R. Series includes:



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Technical Information
Flat Tile Hook Product Sheet US01-0221
Tile Hook 3S Product Sheet US01-0221
Flat Tile Hook X Product Sheet US01-0321
Universal Standard Hook 9" Base Product Sheet US01-0321
Universal Standard Hook +2, 5.5" Base Product Sheet US01-0321


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