Meet Eddie the Yeti

Everest Eddie the Yeti
Everest has a new employee, Eddie the Yeti.

Eddie the Yeti


After much consideration, Everest has decided to officially bring on Eddie the Yeti!


Coming from the highest peak of Nepal, he is a native to Mount Everest. After decades of joining the Sherpa people in guiding climbers through Base Camp and making their way up to the Summit, he decided it was time for a change.


Being a part of countless tours to the Summit, Eddie understands the importance of team work and team building. Eddie joined our Human Resources team this summer and will be in charge of all team-building activities within the company. Team-building will improve our communication and the efficiency of cross-functional teams.  


Needless to say, we are happy to have Eddie the Yeti join us! Make sure to stop by our booth at SPI to meet him and the rest of our staff!


Welcome to the team Eddie!

Everest Eddie the Yeti Customer service
Everest Eddie the Yeti Customer service

To schedule a meet-and-greet at SPI, contact us directly.


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