Find Your Sales Rep


Find the K2 sales representative who can best support you! Our outside sales reps are based off of region and can help with specific needs based on where you're located. Our client services and technical sales team is our inside team and they are all based at our headquarters in Vista, CA. These folks can help you with any technical questions and support you through every step of the project process. 

Outside Sales

Find the rep who covers your location!


North America

Ross Gerard

Vice President of Sales, North America

+1 (949) 812-1097


North America

Brett Nielsen

Director of Business Development, North America

+1 (215) 262-4093


East Coast

Al Harsch

Senior East Coast Territory Sales Manager

+1 (631) 704-6147



Bradley Bland

Midwest Territory Sales Manager

+1 (847) 767-0515



Nich Pak

Western Regional Sales Manager

+1 (925) 984-6829



Mark Jubenville

Region Sales Manager - South US

+1 (972) 626-1880


Southern California

John Riddle

Territory Sales Manager - Southern California

+1 (310) 844-8558

Inside Sales

Do you need help with your project? Contact one of these folks! 

Alejandra Santana

Client Services and Technical Sales Manager

+1(760) 657-4001

Brendan Dooley

Technical Sales

+1 (760) 301-5293

Luz Rojano

Technical Sales

+1 (760) 301-5300

Nancy Morales

Client Services

+1 (760) 385-6304

Manuel Orozco

Client Services

+1 (760) 579-2707