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    System Components

    K2 Systems has a variety of system components and accessories to compliment its racking systems.


    See below for more information on each product.

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    Universal Mid Clamp

    K2's Universal Mid Clamp has been updated with a design optimized for in-rail wire management.


    The clamp still comes preassembled and ready to install.


    Yeti Clamp: Hidden End Clamp

    K2 now has a hidden end clamp, the Yeti Clamp.


    The Yeti Clamp hides rails while properly securing modules.


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    K2 Base

    Plan your mounting system online

    Future-oriented planning with satellite images, graphical tools and detailed project reports.

    Here you can find all benefits of Base at a glance.



    Product Sheet

    Document Type
    Product Sheet
    Add-On Product Sheet US01-0121
    End Clamp Product Sheet US01-0121
    Everest Ground Lug Product Sheet US01-0121
    Mid Clamp Product Sheet US01-0121
    TC Wire Clip Product Sheet US01-0221
    Omega Clip Product Sheet US01-0221
    SunRunner Cable Clip Product Sheet US01-0221
    Yeti Clamp Product Sheet US01-0121

    Quick Guide

    Document Type
    Quick Guide
    CrossRail Sleeve Quick Guide US01-0121
    D-Dome R² Optimizer Mounting Bracket Kit Quick Guide US01-0121
    Everest Ground Lug Quick Guide US01-0121
    Structural Rail Connector Quick Guide US01-0121
    Yeti Clamp Quick Guide US01-0121

    Technical Sheet

    Document Type
    Technical Sheet
    CR Micro. & Opt. Mounting Kit Technical Sheet US01-0121
    Clamps Technical Sheet US01-0321
    Everest Ground Lug Technical Sheet US01-0221
    K2 Clamp Guide US01-0421