CrossRail Shared Rail System

The CrossRail Shared Rail is suitable for installation on asphalt tile and corrugated sheet roofs. Reduces the number of rails and accessories needed by allowing modules to share a rail with each other.

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Roof type compatibility

CrossRail Shared Rail System on comp shingle roof

To install the CrossRail Shared Rail System on a comp shingle roof, you will need to use the EverFlash eComp + SR Slide Kit. This is a traditional metal flashing that includes a slide bracket to allow more flexibility in where to anchor the L-Foot.

CrossRail Shared Rail System on standing seam roof

You can attach the CrossRail Shared Rail System to a standing seam roof using any of our Standing Seam PowerClamps. They are available in Mini and Standard sizes. The mini has 1 fixing screw while the standard has 2.



Downloads and technical information

You can find detailed information about our system in the product catalog.

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