Flat roof systems with roof anchors

In this video we show you how to plan or realise PV systems on flat Roofs with a fixed connection with roof Anchors in K2 Base.

In the “Results” tab, you can activate this option (use anchors) in addition to or instead of ballast. K2 Base automatically calculates the statically optimised placement of attachment points for the roof anchors and shows this with an orange coloured symbol. In the selection menu “Ballast replacement” you can then choose between partial ballasting (Sliding) or completely dispensing with ballast (All). Depending on the roof pitch and the design of the module field, the necessary amount of ballast can be optimised with this option. This is optional for roofs ≤ 3°. For flat roofs ≥3° to 10°, ballast can no longer be used and roof anchors are set exclusively and automatically.

Further contents:

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