Together we are strong!

Our commitment in associations of the solar industry

As a manufacturer of easy-to-install mounting systems for photovoltaic systems, we have been working every day since 2004 to help realize the energy turnaround.

We have decided to support various associations at European, national and regional level, because together we are more successful and are better heard. Thereby, it is important for us to develop the quality standards together in order to build long-term and sustainable safe PV systems.

In this section, we show you which solar industry associations we have been working with for many years to raise awareness and to initiate appropriate changes in politics, business and society:

SolarPower Europe, European Photovoltaic Industry Association, association. Solar Power Europe

SolarPower Europe: Making PV to the key technology in Europe

SolarPower Europe, formerly European Photovoltaic Industry Association, represents over 200 up and downstream companies from the entire solar value chain in over 38 countries.


‘Solar energy is one of the mainstays of renewable energy and Europe can lead the way. Together we address the opportunities and challenges to policy makers,’ says Katharina David of K2 Systems.

Together with SolarPower Europe, we develop important quality standards for the construction of PV plants. We receive background information from politics and can make more reliable forecasts thanks to representative energy market analyses. Equally important is the positioning of solar energy with political decision-makers at European and national level. 

BSW, Bundesverband Solarwirtschaft

Germany: Bundesverband Solarwirtschaft

The German Solar Industry Association has represented the interests of around 1,000 solar companies in Germany for over 40 years. The association acts as an informant, advisor and mediator in the field of action between business, politics and consumers.

‘We urgently need more courage and political will for change, therefore we bundle the national energy interests. Through the working groups, we constantly exchange ideas and, for example, advance the issue of safety. In addition to press and public relations work, they also provides us with rapid industry information,’ sums up Katharina David.

Solar Energy UK, Great Britain, United Kingdom

United Kingdom: Solar Energy UK

Solar Energy UK is an established trade association working for and representing the entire solar and energy storage value chain. It represents a thriving member-led community of over 230 businesses and associates. Purpose of Solar Energy UK is to catalyse the collective strengths of their members to build a clean energy system for everyone’s benefit.


‘Solar Energy is an important partner in the PV community. They provide us with important market data and the collaboration in the working groups is very productive. In addition, they are ensuring the necessary attention of the government and relevant policies on our behalf,’ says Kai Schuebel, Director K2 Solar Mounting Solutions.

Associazione ITALIA solare, Italia Solare

Italy: Italia Solare

Italia Solare is the only association in Italy dedicated exclusively to photovoltaics and technological integrations for intelligent energy management. Members include among others companies and organizations active along the whole value chain: energy traders, technology manufacturers, distributors, designers and installers, EPC and universities.


‘We are a member for many years in order to further expand the popularity of photovoltaics in Italy. A particular strength of Italia Solare are the great events with exciting expert lectures and a great opportunity for networking,’ says Claudia Vannoni, Country Manager Italy.

Clean Energy Council, Australia, New Zealand, Pacific Islands

Australia: Clean Energy Council

The Clean Energy Council is the peak body for the clean energy industry in Australia and represent as membership-based organisation Australia's leading renewable energy and energy storage businesses, as well as rooftop solar installers, to further the development of clean energy.

‘We are convinced that the renewable energy industry needs good cooperation and common standards. Together we have already achieved that 27 % of Australia's electricity comes from renewables,’ says David McCallum, Managing Director K2 Systems Pty Limited.

ABSOLAR (Associação Brasileira de Energia Solar), ABGD (Associação Brasileira de Geração Distribuída)


The Associação Brasileira de Energia Solar (ABSOLAR) and the Associação Brasileira de Geração Distribuída (ABGD) connect companies from the entire value chain of the solar photovoltaic sector with operations in Brazil. They coordinate, represent, and defend the interests of the members regarding the development of the market and of the sector, and publicizing solar photovoltaic energy in the country.


‘Through our membership in both associations, it is possible to further professionalise PV in Brazil, create common standards and network with key players, customers, manufacturers and suppliers to offer the best possible service,’ says Hanns Martin Drope, Director of K2 Latin America.