Base On New functions

Wind load maps for Switzerland in Base On

Calculations according to Swiss standard SIA / SN EN

If a location in Switzerland is selected, the Swiss standard SIA / SN EN is automatically set for the field “Design method”. Loads and values are calculated according to National Annex CH.

On the “Loads” page, load maps for Switzerland are displayed and are zoomable either with a mouse wheel or plus and minus buttons at the bottom left in the maps. 

View of rafters in 2D mode on Base On

Rafters and high crests display

In 2D view on the “Design” page and in the preview on the “Results” page the roof construction, or rather rafters and high crests, can be viewed. This can be activated with a button in the view panel.

The module fields can now be more easily placed in position for optimal positioning.

System utilisation notification

System utilisation display

On the page “Results” page, system utilisation is now clearly stated. Areas with component overloads are marked separately.

Module load display

View of module loads

On the “Results” page, these loads are now also displayed. Until now they were only shown in the PDF report.

Loads can be kept in view while planning.

Building height > 25m

For pitched roofs, it is now possible to calculate assembly frames for buildings higher than 25 m. The height limit is according to which standard is used.


  • NA DE: max. 300 m
  • SIA / SN EN: max. 200 m
  • Eurocode: max. 200 m


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