Base On now also with the Dome Systems V1.1.0.0

Base On planning software D-Dome und S-Dome
Now you can plan S-Dome and D-Dome with Base On.

Base On now also with the Dome Systems

The online software Base On, which was introduced in autumn 2016, now has a its first update. With this automatic update, the users now have the possibility to calculate not only the existing S-Rock, but also the two flat roof classics S-Dome and D-Dome. Now 10 ° south elevation and 10 ° east-west elevation can also be planned.

Convenient graphical drawing tools, the improved calculation bases and the application-oriented user interface enable the user to determine the complete design using the free online tool. In a project it is also possible to draw several roofs with dimensions and angles, as well as exact orientation and size Details. The snow and wind loads are also automatically calculated and the shading areas are incorporated with a few clicks, but also the editing of obstructions and restricted areas is very simple.

The program provides useful tips and demonstration videos in the integrated help sections.

The user accounts have instant access at any location and have the backup of all planning data via the project memory.   At the end of your planning, you will receive a multi-level project plan as a PDF report, which includes project data, assembly plan, ballast plan, results, static report and article list, as well as an article list with the module distribution.

The update further expands the step-by-step integration of the various mounting systems into the Base On software and K2 Systems is pushing ahead with its digitisation strategies.

Successful webinars continue soon!

At the beginning of 2017, we introduced you to the new Base On tool through an online webinar, where we were happy to present step-by-step processes.
Next webinars will be follow soon.


Base On with new flat roof classics

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