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Symbol image National annexes for France, Italy and Great Britain

National annexes for France, Great Britain and Italy

With the current update we have integrated the national annexes of the Eurocode for France, Great Britain and Italy. Convenient high-resolution maps and informative legends make it easy to work with Base On. The user interface has also been adapted to local requirements. This means that the respective wind loads and snow loads can be precisely determined for each project.

Snap-in function for angle when drawing

Snap-in function for drawing angles

The drawing function for polygonal roofs and obstructions now have a snap-in locking function. When drawing 90° or 45° angles are automatically drawn in straight lines and snap into place. This makes your planning more precise and accurate.
The snap-in function can be deactivated by pressing the SHIFT key.

Components fade in/out function

Results: Show/hide components and roof areas

A new menu improves the preview options in the results view. Individual component levels and the roof areas can now be selectively faded in and out.
This makes it easier to assess difficult areas of planning.

H-V loads for flat roofs

H-V loads for flat roofs

For flat roofs on which a ballasted PV system is installed, the pressure on the thermal insulation and the loads acting on the supporting structure of the building are important results. In a new chapter in the PDF report, these results are now given.
Activate the chapter "horizontal and vertical loads" in the PDF report.

Screenshot user profile

User profile

You can edit your user profile now by clicking your user name in the top bar. The complete user profile information can be edited. 


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