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Illustration of a system with cross-bracing in results view

MultiRail system integrated, cross-bracing, module grid assembly and many improvements

The MutliRail system with horizontal module orientation in Base On is now also available for planning. In the pitched roof field (SingleRail + SolidRail) you can now plan the layout with cross-bracing and even carry out module grid installation for SpeedRail with AddOn. 
Roof fastener and rail spacings can be automatically determined or manually optimized for the planning of cross-braced systems. This allows the number of components and roof connection points to be decisively influenced.


Optimization of cross-bracings

Base On  automatically determines the distances between fastening points and base rails in the cross-braced system. However, this is not always the optimal variant to save material and still be statically on the safe side. Manual optimization is particularly recommended for systems with roof hooks. 

In this video you can see an example.

Snap-in function for polygon roofs

Polygon roofs can now be drawn with exact 90° angles using the snap-in function. The locking function is activated by default. If other angles are to be drawn, the function can be deactivated by holding down the Shift key and free angles can be drawn again. 
To place the end point exactly for a 90° termination, hold down the Ctrl key. The last point is then automatically anchored in an alignment with the first point.

Screenshot roof names and remarks

Roof names and remarks

Each roof can now be given an individual name that matches the project. This facilitates communication throughout the entire project process right through to assembly. 

In addition, it is now possible to write remarks for each roof, which are also included in the PDF report. Important information that must be taken into account during installation can be documented in this way.


Screenshot roof zones and system details

Roof Zones and Component Details

Roof areas can be displayed in the Results view. You can also display component details by clicking on the component. For trapezoidal sheet metal systems and flat roof systems, the respective roof zone is also named. 
Thus the optimization of the system is simplified and shown precisely. System details for trapezoidal sheet metal systems, mounting rails and modules can be displayed.

Windbreaker S-Dome System

2-meter-modules for S-Dome

The S-Dome system can now also be planned with 2-meter modules. Base On will display the appropriate windbreaker in the article list for corresponding module sizes.

Screenshot Module Field wizard

Revision user interface

We have reviewed the user interface. The module field wizard is now clearer and the possible systems are shown by small system illustrations.


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