Base On Update Version

Screenshot module field
Screenshot with "marking of reference edge" for module fields and visible invalid modules.
Animation improvements module fields

Improvements for module fields

Module fields now stay intact if later corrections of the roof outline are made and will not be deleted. Even single steps while correcting roof outlines can be made undone. 

If module fields are drawn over roof edges or obstructions Base On calculates only modules which can be built. Invalid or automatically deleted modules can be made visible or hidden with an additional button in the view options. 

The reference edge for module alignment is now marked with a green line. Though the module field will be deleted if the reference edge is changed afterwards.

Illustration assembly SpeedConnector

SpeedRail System: Positioning of SpeedClips in the area of rail connectors

In future Base On adds sufficient SpeedClips to ensure that on the left and right of every SpeedConnector rail connector the SpeedClips can be installed.

Note: This is not shown in results view and assembly plans. An update of our assembly manual can be found here soon.

Illustration border areas D-Dome

Optimisation of ballasting for D-Dome and S-Dome

The ballast optimisation or pressure and suction loads makes a basic ballast of 3 kg at the module field edges necessary. This is now implemented in and the assembly manuals will be updated soon. 

Further changes

  • Standard rail length is changed to 4,15 m 
  • S-Dome: Longer Windbreakers available
    Meanwhile we have a longer Windbreaker in our product range for S-Dome. Consequently modules with a length of 1886 - 2067 mm can be planned now.


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