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Corrugated fibre cement with hanger bolts and solar fasteners
From now on, hanger bolts for corrugated fibre cement roofs and solar fasteners for roofs with corrugated fibre cement, trapezoidal metal sheets or sandwich panels can be calculated in the online software.

Hanger bolts and solar fasteners are integrated into the software

The SingleRail and SolidRail systems with hanger bolts and solar fasteners are now available for roofs with corrugated fibre cement, trapezoidal metal sheet and sandwich panel.


In the tab ‚roof‘ you can now select the ‚roofing material‘, the ‚fixing method‘ and the ‚purlin material‘. With these parameters, the online software will calculate a design with the hanger bolts or the solar fasteners.

Hanger bolt

Hanger bolt

Hanger bolts are suitable for corrugated fibre cement coverings with a wooden substructure and they are equipped with an extra-long metric thread for installation height adjustment.

For hanger bolts for SolidRail are supplied pre-assembled with an adapter plate. For SingleRail they can be supplied as a set with Climber or L-Adapter.

Solar fastener on corrugated fibre cement

Solar fasteners are a suitable solution for coverings that have a steel substructure.

Solar fastener on trapezoidal metal sheet

Solar fasteners with a calotte can be used for steel and timber substructures on roofs with trapezoidal metal sheets and sandwich panels.


Please use in the tab ‚roof‘ the option ‚fastening grid‘ and use ‚roof construction‘.

Further functions in the update

  • If you are planning a roof with standing seam, you can now choose between steel, aluminium and stainless steel at the the parameter ‚material‘ at the tab ‚roof‘.
  • All technical documents, such as the assembly instructions for the hanger bolt and the solar fastener, can now also be found in our practical K2 App. You can find more about the app here.



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