Base On Version

Direct input of values in 2D view

Editing linear dimensions, modules and BOMs

Many useful functions have been added in this Base On update. 
For example, a new message window for notes and warnings is now available, so that incorrect entries can be recognized immediately. There are also changes in the system defaults and much more.

Direct input of linear dimensions and number of modules

From now on, you can edit linear dimension of roofs, obstacles and module fields in the 2D view. A value can be entered by clicking on the dimension. The direction of the change can be determined by the arrows.

The module field size can now be quickly determined in 2D view. These demensions can also be entered directly by activating the "show dimensions for lengths" button. 

Module fields and obstructions can be positioned over the distance to the edge of rectangular roofs in the 2D view. To do this, the button "show dimensions for edge distances" must be activated.

Transfer of user-defined modules

Project-specific modules

User-defined modules can now be transferred to additional roofs in the same project.

To do this, simply click on "Accept module" for a new roof.

Editing Bill of Material

The BOM can be edited manually after the calculation: change quantities, delete items or add new ones by entering the item number. 
Changes will be marked on the results page and in the PDF. Recalculations of the project supercede the manual change. 

Error and warning messages

New message field

Effective immediately, errors, notes and warnings will be displayed in the new message field.

As soon as these are fixed, they disappear from the field.

Hints and questions will continue to be displayed as usual. 

Required fields in Base On

Required fields

Mandatory fields are marked with a red frame. The calculation can only be completed if all mandatory fields are filled in. 

Additional new functions

  • Block size D-Dome & S-Dome
    • Maximum block size (classic and 2.0) is now 11×11 m
    • Warning message for old projects with larger block size; compliant block size required
  • Width and height of rafters for tiled roofs
    • Default value is now "n.n."
    • Your own entries are visible as a result
  • Protective building mats: Standard setting now without aluminium lamination
  • Snow guards: existing snow guards grids can now be taken into account in the calculation on the load side.


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