Base Update Version

From now on you can also plan the insertion system with hanger bolts or solar fasteners in Base

For trapezoidal sheet metal and corrugated fibre cement the insertion system is now available

From now on you can select the insertion system for roofs with tiles, corrugated fibre cement and trapezoidal sheet metal in the ‚Design‘ tab when marking the module field. As a roof fastener you have the suitable solar fastener with a calotte and hanger bolts at your disposal.


Select roof fastener

Simply select the respective fastening method in the 'Roof' tab.

For the layout of the insertion system, select "Roof construction", for example. This means that the fastening is then carried out with solar fasteners or hanger bolts.


Brazilian building regulations integrated

For projects in Brazil, the software automatically determines the corresponding load values on the basis of the national building regulations.



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