Base Update Version

Interface of SMA and their SUNNY DESIGN
The interface of K2 Base and SUNNY DESIGN by SMA makes the PV-planning even faster and easier because there is no multiple data input anymore.

Now K2 Base is also connected with the SUNNY DESIGN by SMA

In the last section ‘summary’ you can send with just one click on the K2+ button the entered project data to the software SUNNY DESIGN and you can start with the planning and the electric and thermal simulation of the energy systeme immediately. The only conditions for using the software are a K2 Base and a SUNNY DESIGN user account.

Simplified operation through quick start, tips and tricks new chat possibility

With the current update the software provides a useful total of different assistances and tips. You can chat with our chatbot K2 Sherpa and get helpful tips and informations by the quick start and the ?-Icon.

Sherpa supports you 24/7

According to hiking the Himalaya K2 Sherpa provides you quick answers to our planning software Base. 


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Walk me through

Walk me through

New to Base? With just one click on the ‘walk me through’ button you can use the step-by-step-instruction while planning your project. 


Individual promts guide you through the most important stations.

Help system feature with tips

Help system feature with tips

Plan your projects from now on still faster and easier with our new help feature.


There are question marks next to different input fields now, to get an immediate explanation of the technical terms.



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