Base Update Version

TerraGrif, lightning protection clamps and PVX-Multimount for cable management in use
Application examples for lightning protection, cable management and equipotential bonding
Selection of additional articles in K2 Base

Additional electrical articles now directly calculable

From now on there is the possibility in the area "Results" to add additional articles directly for:


  • Lightning protection  
  • Potential equalization  
  • Cable management  
  • Microinverter with Stairplate  

...for calculation. This way you get the right quantity of the required components directly in the "Summary". For cable management on flat roofs you should know the total length and maximum span of your pipes or cable trays.

Options for flat roof coverings in K2 Base

Specific thermal separations for flat roof coverings

When defining the properties of flat roofs, you can now specify the roofing type precisely. You can choose from the following:


  • Membrane
  • Bitumen
  • Green roof
  • Gravel


The determination of the roofing has an influence on the maximum size of the module blocks or the thermal separations. For a flat roof system on gravel, K2 Base calculates larger module blocks than on membrane covering.
We strongly recommend the use of this option as it also improves the calculation of your projects  .



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