Base Update Version

Symbol bug fixes and improvements

Bug fixes and improvements

This update fixes several bugs in the handling of Base and there are some small improvements.

  • Manually changing the roof edge for module alignment on flat roofs is possible again
  • Adjusting module field size automatically works again
  • Corrugated roofings with SingleRail: Hanger bolts with climbers set as standard
  • Tile roofings
    • Module fields can again be planned by all users in a single layer
    • BOM: All Heco wood screws from the price list can now be added manually
  • 2D view:
    • If module fields protrude outside the roof, these modules are no longer counted
    • Copied roofs are visible again
  • Complete project & send to App works again
  • Revision of the cable management for flat roofs:
    • Cable manager always pre-selected
    • PVX MultiMount now with seperate check box
  • Dome Classic: Rail connector visualisation improved in ”Results“
  • Obstructions: Fixed a bug that occasionally prevents the size and edge distances from being displayed in 2D view
  • Drawing roof: Fixed bug that occasionally prevents the roof from being drawn
  • PDF export: Fully functional for all users again
  • Several translations updated


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