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New plain tile roof hook can be planned

New plain tile roof hook can be planned and further improvements

The new plain tile roof hook (article number: 2003073) is now available for the SolidRail System. It has a new design and a Magnelis® coating and therefore a very high surface protection.



Furthermore, with this update the usability is further improved and minor bugs are fixed:

  • The SolidRail XS rail can now be planned with the Vario 2
  • The following fields are permanently visible again:
    • Colour of the module clamps
    • Height of rafters and battens and batten spacing for fixings in wooden rafters
  • For trapezoidal sheet metal or metal seam roofs, select the material thickness according to the material
  • Fixed a bug that occasionally prevented the drawing of imported roofs in the K2 App (Roof Check function)
  • PDF generation: Fully functional again for all users
  • Translations updated.


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