Base Update Version

Roof overview with all roofs
All roofs are visible again in the roof tab

All roofs visible again and MicroRail for trapezoidal sheet available

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MicroRail System


Finally the new MicroRail system is also be available for planning in K2 Base on trapezoidal sheet metal.

  • Roofs
    • All roofs shown on roof tab again
    • Roofs can not overlap any more
    • Satellite images used more than once will not appear several times in the image selection
    • Drawing of polygon flat roofs: Angles are now snapping during drawing and changing of module field orientation improved
  • Calculation
    • Fixed an issue where the automatic calculation was sometimes creating overloaded projects while manual setting of distances allows for
    • Fixed an error sometimes showing a wrong total power for roofs on the summary page
  • User Interface
    • Improved behaviour of continue & back button
    • Fixed a bug sometimes showing roofs from previous projects
    • Fixed a bug sometimes causing to draw a single line instead of a rectangle
    • “Complete project” button moved to end of list to decrease issues with users accidentally clicking it
    • Manually deleted modules are no longer shown in project view
    • Obstruction shadows are now correctly shown based on local time of the project instead of CET
    • Copied obstructions are now placed above the original
    • Several small glitches fixed
  • Roofing: Trapezoidal sheet metal
    • MicroRail: Can now be calculated with trapezoidal metal by all users
    • SpeedRail: SpeedClip with abZ as default setting for projects in Germany
    • Insertion system: Fixed issues with impossible planning, rail color selection and incompatible module frame heights
  • PDF project report
    • PDF creation enabled for projects with many roofs
    • PDF creation now possible for Dome 6 with ballasting in “Amount of stones”
    • Removed PDF password protection
  • K2+: Fixed an issue causing a 500 error trying to export to SolarEdge
  • Updates in release
    • Dome 6: Fixed issues for high snow loads
    • Fixes for the flow of the Next and Back buttons
  • Updates in release
    • Project location images are no longer saved in project files
    • Dome 6: Updated utilization calcualation and correct ballast Porter in BOM
    • Module database updated
    • K2+: Users trying to export projects to SolarEdge with overlapping roofs will now see a message that this is not possible


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