Base Update Version

Symbol image for the performance improvements of K2 Base

Performance severely increased

  • Project data: Map zooms automatically when address is entered
  • Zoom buttons available in satellite view
  • Improved rendering speeds
    • Satellite images
    • Tab panel switches
    • Module layouts
  • Copied roofs now placed with little offset
  • Obstructions
    • Copies visible again while being moved
    • No glitches, no visual failures

Dome Speed Spacer: Distance template for all flat roof systems

This distance gauge is a practical tool which makes manual measuring and calculation unnecessary. It has adjustable measuring points. They are set to the module length with the small sides and the distance is transfered with the wider side in the SpeedRail clamping channel. It can be used for all Dome systems.


From now on it can be added to your BOMs in the results tab. We suggest to consider the amount of Speed Spacers you need according to your assembly team.

Indian building standard

The K2 Base community increases and this means we improve the preparation of the application for the needs of different users. We already integrated several national building standards into Base. Today we proudly announce that we can offer the Indian standard IS 875.


Terrain categories are also offered for a perfect automatic loads calculation. There is no need to look-up data tables or PDF map any more.


We're really looking forward to exceed your experience with this step as well as improving our knowledge of the needs of professional pv planners in India. Please do not hestitate to send us your feedback and suggestions with the following contact form…



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