Base Update Version

Copy function for roofs
Copied roofs can be moved to the desired position

Moving roof copies possible again

Please excuse the inconveniences

If you are still experiencing problems you can contact us via or through our support form.

  • Roofs are visible on Project tab again
  • Moving roofs after copying or drawing possible again
  • User Interface
    • Module fields can be resized by dragging the blue line as well
    • Map Screenshot for old projects with several roofs now always properly taken
  • Flat roofs
    • Orientate modules manually: Allowed in satellite view
    • Dome Classic: Building protection mat not preselected
  • Dome 6 Systems
    • Show row spacing & service corridor
    • D-Dome 6.10: System utilization and loads on modules added
    • PDF reports shows system verification now
  • Results: Changing fastener no longer resets base & upper rail layer to default
  • Obstructions
    • Fixed a bug causing parameter changes done to all obstructions on roofs
    • Copying on obstruction will no longer add “-copy” to the name
  • Hanger bolts / Solar fasteners: Fixed several bugs sometimes causing too many hanger bolts; no utilization shown for hangerbolts or utilization too high
  • Project copies: Renaming is now saved correctly
  • Many more bugfixings and translation fixes


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