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Illustration of compatible module widths for Dome 6 flat roof mounting systems

Dome 6 Base Sets for larger modules integrated

Module and cell dimensions are increasing. That's why we developed longer Dome 6 rail sets which can be used for module widths up to 1170 mm.


The new sets are implemented for D-Dome 6 and S-Dome 6 and will be put on the BOM automatically when you choose modules which are wider than 1060 mm.

In this step we also improved the calculation of snow loads for Dome 6 systems which will give you better results.

Illustration of wind loads in Slovenia

Building code: Slovenia, Australia and New Zealand

Now you will have full comfort for planning PV projects in Slovenia, Australia and New Zealand.


We implemented the Slovenian building code SIST EN 1991-1-3:2004/A101 and added automatic load detection according to your project location.

You can make all settings according to the building code. So you get complete safety for the wind and snow loads calculation of your PV constructions in these countries.

Australia: SingleRail System adapted

In Australia an New Zealand we start with SingleRail for corrugated or trapezoidal sheet metal and tile roofings. The building code and the local construction methods needed some adaptions for this system. As roof attachment you can decide between a L-foot and SingleHook Vario.


We will extend the mounting system range for Australia soon. You can expect updates for flat roofs and Klip-Lok roofings very soon.

Screenshot of the module selection in K2 Base

Your Top 5 PV modules

We added a new top-5-function to the module selection menue.


K2 Base automatically saves your last 5 selected PV modules and puts them on top of the selection list. So you will be much faster with module selection and you don't have to remember the exact module type you regularly use.

Improvements at the user interface

  • "Display roof construction option" is available in the "Roof" tab
  • "Display dimensions for angles" toggled off by default to improve overview
  • In the "Design" tab, you can select another tool without having to first deselect the selected tool
  • All display options are shown in the thermal separation toolbar

We would be happy to receive feedback from you about the new features. Just test it and send uns your ideas for improvement.



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