Base Update Version 3.0.19.X

Improvements at the user interface

  • It is now possible to move (pan) the canvas by clicking on the right mouse button and dragging, regardless of any selected tool.
  • Fixed the bug sometimes preventing users to be able to change roof dimensions in 2D mode without refreshing Base first
  • Fixed several small UI bugs & glitches

Mounting systems

  • Dome 6 systems
    • SpeedPorter distribution algorhythm improved
    • SpeedSpacer 2004219 for large modules added
  • Dome Classic systems
    • PE plate fixation: Bug fixed sometimes adding building protection mats to the BOM
    • S-Dome: max. module length set to 2067mm
  • Roof hooks
    • New fastener utilization will now be used after any recalculation in Base
    • Fixed a bug sometimes showing 999% utilization when using a third rail
  • SingleRail 63 available as upper rail for a second rail layer

Load calculation

  • EC NA Austria: Changed the snow load determination for gable roofs
  • Australia and New Zealand: Bug fixes

We would be happy to receive feedback from you about the new features. Just test it and send uns your ideas for improvement.



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