Base Update Version

Big modules can be installed with quarter clamping on Dome Classic with FlexClamp

Dome Classic with quarter clamping

FlexClamp for quarter clamping of pv modules

The option to plan a quarter clamping for Dome Classic systems is now integrated in K2 Base. The result is you will have two rail rows for each module elevation. The module clamp will be the FlexClamp which is developed especially for this application. The rail rows will be connected with SingleRails as bracing.

Just change the Mounting Options in the Results tab from “Corner clamping” to “Quarter clamping”.

RailUp elevation for SpeedRail and MultiRail

SpeedRail and MultiRail systems can now be elevated. This improves the ventilation of the modules and the power output.
While planning in Base you can ad RailUp as elevation in the Results panel. The necessary components will be added to the BOM automatically.

Mesh tray for PVX Multimount available

We're happy to announce that we now can deliver also the cable mesh tray for PVX MultiMount. You can just add them by actvating the mesh tray checkbox. The correct amount of mesh trays will be calculated automatically according to the values you gave in the other fields.

We would be happy to receive feedback from you about the new features. Just test it and send uns your ideas for improvement.



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