Base Update Version 3.0.35.X

Dome FixPro set for roof anchors on flat roofs
Illustration of wind loads in Romania

National annex Romania implemented

The Romanian national annex for wind and snow loads is now implemented in K2 Base. Loads for your PV systems are calculate according to the official standard SR EN 1991-1 of Romania. The most cities in Romania are integrated via ZIP code and are calculated automatically. Smaller towns may be edited manually according to the zones.
You can still also enter loads values manually considering the Romanian standard.

Flat roofs

  • Dome 6:
    • Now also available not pre-assembled with long rails for large scale projects. More details…
    • Dome FixPro Set now available for planning
  • Roof distance below 0.6 m possible for buildings lower than 5 m
  • Module arrays can now be split into two arrays at a thermal separation
  • Polygon roofs: Obstruction distances from roof edges are now displayable

Illustration of increasing module sizes

Pitched roofs

  • Maximum module size increased: For all pitched roof systems. Now you can enter nearly all module sizes which are on the market.
    Also the module database is updated.
  • MultiRail: Desired rail length now selectable
  • Insertion System: The Insertion Rail 30 for 30 mm module frames with a length of 5.40m is added

Splitting of module arrays at thermal separations


  • Thermal gaps improvements:
    • Module arrays can now be split into two arrays at a thermal separation
    • Gaps shown as yellow lines also when thermal separations are not edited
    • Switching roofs/module arrays retains thermal separations tool state
    • Showing module array information also in thermal separations tab
  • Results
    • System approval now shown on the top of the Results page
    • Flat roofs: Total ballast in kilogram in the utilization tab

More notes

  • Changing module clamps no longer resets manually set thermal breaks
  • Fixed several bugs where projects could not be opened
  • Pressing the Del key on the keyboard when Roof tab is active no longer deletes the roof
  • Deleting modules by box selection with Alt key is working now as expected

We would be happy to receive feedback from you about the new features. Just test it and send uns your ideas for improvement.



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