Base Update Version 3.0.39.X

Dome 6 flat roof PV mounting system with concrete stone fixation
Profile of D-Dome 6 systems with fixation on concrete stones and PE plates for gravel roofing

Dome 6 Systems: Ballast alternative for gravel roofing and green roofs

In Switzerland very common roofing types are gravel and green roofs with substratum. We already offer mounting or ballasting options for these roofings for Dome Classic systems in the K2 Base planning process.
The mounting option with PE plates and the ballast option with concrete stones or rather flagstones can also be chosen for Dome 6 systems in this country. For gravel roofings both options can be chosen. Green roofs are normally built with concret stone fixation.


The Base assembly report and the Results tab show the position of the plates or stones instead of the ballast. The gravel height which can must be entered determines the amount of stones or plates.

More improvements

  • Polygon flat roof shapes (e.g. L-shaped roofs) now without warning* note about static calculation for D-Dome and S-Dome 6.10
  • Summary page: Recalculation button added for important system calculation changes

* In some cases of oddly shaped roofs there will still be a warning displayed.

We would be happy to receive feedback from you about the new features. Just test it and send uns your ideas for improvement.



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