Base Update Version 3.0: GoodWe EzDesigner

K2+ Export to GoodWe EzDesigner

Easy planning of the suitable mounting system and inverter

In the new version the interface between the EzDesigner of the inverter manufacturer GoodWe and K2 Base has been successfully completed. You will be able to experience the one-stop design convenience with this brand new connection.


In the tab ‘summary’ the function ‘K2+ Inverter Design’ is available, with which you can send the project data to EzDesigner with just one click. The connection of GoodWe and K2 Systems simplifies PV planning, because multiple data entry is no longer necessary and there is more time for consulting and installation of the PV systems.


The function is of course free of charge and requires only a user account in K2 Base and EzDesigner.

Video about K2+

K2 Base integrates the tools of the inverter manufacturers SolarEdge, SMA, Fronius, Kostal and GoodWe as well as the yield forecasting software archelios™ Pro.



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