Coefficient of friction and new functions (version

New: SpeedRail in portrait, selection of module clamps and coefficient of friction

Entry of coefficient of friction has changed

The entry of the coefficient of friction has changed with the automatically update and is now a field that has to be filled.

The structural integrity of a penetration-free mounting system is achieved by the dead weight, module weight and additional ballast. Prerequisites for a proper assembly include suitable roof construction, as well as sufficient loadbearing reserves of the building. A significance influence on the structural integrity of this type of construction is the interaction between roof covering and the building protection mat of the assembly system, which is defined by the coefficient of friction.

The video shows you all important facts about the coefficient of friction.

You can find this video also on the „help“ area in Base On.

The coefficient of friction (formula symbol μ) is a dimensionless measure of the frictional force in relation to the pressure force between two objects.

Other new functions

SpeedRail Portrait

Portrait SpeedRail

Now you can plan the portrait orientation of the SpeedRail System in Base On.

Just select SpeedRail in the field of "module field". 


module clamps Base On

Selection of module clamps

In the area "design" you also have the option to select the appropriate module clamp and the desired color.


Marking of modules

If individual modules are inadvertently planned, they are marked red in the area "design", so you can directly correct them.

Corner bracing

Corner bracing

The corner bracing is more clearly indicated in the final report and listed in the legend.


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