Preview: K2 Base 3.1

K2 Base 3.1 with new features such as CAD export, automatic loads

Version 3.1 with new features will be available soon!

K2 Systems today presents the new version of its planning software K2 Base at Intersolar Europe. K2 Base 3.1 makes PV design even easier and faster thanks to numerous new features.

The update will soon be automatically available for all Base users.

CAD export of the project data

CAD export of the project data

You can also download the project data in the new version via a CAD export in DWG or DXF format. This allows you to transfer 2D module field layouts with exact dimensions to your CAD software.

Automatic load detection

Automatic load detection

The snow and wind loads are determined automatically and already done in the 2nd step of the design. This eliminates the need for separate load determination in a project with multiple roofs.

Undo function, Redo function

Undo and Redo

You can undo or redo commands and actions using the panels in the left bar. Or you can use the shortcuts Ctrl + Z or Ctrl + Y, which makes editing even faster.

Automatic storage of the data

Automatic saving

The new automatic saving reduces the risk of data loss. To do this, simply use the corresponding commands in the left bar.

National annexes, new system languages

Other national building standards and languages

K2 Base 3.1 has additional national annexes, such as Finland, Romania, India or Australia. You can also choose from 10 other languages, such as Slovenian, Finnish, Greek or Turkish.

K2 Base 3.1 will be automatically available to you shortly. Also plannable then will be the quarter clamping for the Dome 6 System as well as further designs of our product novelties 2021!



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