SOCO 2020: The digital solar conference on 30 June

A day full of exciting lectures, new products and digital interactions!

Following the motto "Connect. Meet. Exchange" the digital solar conference SOCO 2020 will take place on June 30th, 2020. The event brings together some leading manufacturers and actors from the PV industry and is presented by K2 Systems.


The conference will be framed by an exciting program, in which the political framework conditions, the way to 100% renewable energies and new technological challenges will be discussed. It  will start with a keynote by Aurelie Beauvais, Policy Director of SolarPower Europe, with a look at the European Green Deal and the impact of Covid 19, followed by a lecture by Volker Quaschning on PV between Covid 19 and climate protection.


Since the topic of "digital selling" moves many of us in these times, Hinnerk Polenski, a Zen master, will take a look at what digitalization does to people.


Interesting new products and digital services will be presented by the manufacturers in their digital exhibition areas where there is room for interaction and exchange. K2 Systems will also present its own product and digital innovations 2020.


We are looking forward to meeting you there!


Preview: First program highlights

Covid- 19- a global look of a pandemic out of an economic perspective, Andrea Galeotti, SOCO 2020, solar conference

‘Covid- 19- a global look of a pandemic out of an economic perspective’

Andrea Galeotti, Professor of Economics, London Business School

‘European Green Deal & the impact of Covid-19 and the possibilities for the solar industry’

Aurelie Beauvais, Policy Director, SolarPower Europe


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