Stay abroad in England with K2 Systems

Our dual student Nadja worked 6 weeks at the english location
Nadja switched her job for six weeks and worked at the location in Aldermaston near London.

Exciting insights into the world of K2 Systems

Since October 2017 Nadja studies 'Business Administration with focus on Industry' at the University in cooperation with K2 Systems. As part of her studies, she spent six weeks abroad at the English location in Aldermaston/South England.


"I was particularly looking forward to the intercultural exchange with my colleagues and the freshly caught fish & chips," reports Nadja. "When I arrived, I took on direct responsibility and took care of a wide variety of tasks. From order creation to goods inspection, I accompanied the entire goods process. I profited most from the business subjects from my studies when I helped my colleague Daniela in accounting with the monthly reports."


Thanks to the standardized input in Base On, the planning of the mounting system doesn't differ from planning a German project. "When calculating the mounting system for a planned hospital, for example, the coordination with the architect was very exciting because I learned more about English building law," says Nadja in retrospect about her time in sales.

Oxford Museum of Natural History

Nadja didn't only get to know the English working life and the everyday life in her host family, but she also travelled to cities like Bath, Bristol or Brighton.


London, about an hour away, and Oxford were among her travel highlights. "The visit to the Natural History Museum in Oxford and the Harry Potter exhibition in the Warner Bro. Studios are unforgettable. My expectations of fresh 'Fish & Chips' were fulfilled at 'Hind's head', a typical English pub nearby."

English motto: Keep calm and drink some tea!

Looking back, she describes her practical semester in England as a wonderful experience and "I often think of my colleagues and how much fun it was to work together. Whether in the warehouse with Paul, the forklift expert, or with Daniela in accounting or the projects I planned together with our managing director Kai. And no matter how demanding and difficult the tasks were, the motto was always: Keep calm and drink some tea!"


K2 has been a cooperation partner of DHBW Stuttgart for several years

In August 2017 Nadja started her dual studies 'Business Administration - Industry' in cooperation with K2 Systems. One part of her practical study is a stay abroad at one of the seven worldwide K2 locations.

By spending time abroad, the students improve their foreign language skills, expand their network of colleagues and gather many valuable professional and personal impressions. Overall, the students strengthen their intercultural competence, which is becoming increasingly important in view of the further internationalization of the company.


Thanks to our colleagues at the English location for their induction and great support during Nadja's stay.


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