The Solar Cluster is an invited guest at K2 Systems

K2 Systems hosted at 19th January 2017 the members of the association "Solar Cluster Baden-Württemberg".

K2 Systems hosted the "Network Meeting" of Solar Cluster Baden-Württemberg, which is committed to PV promotion.

Members of the cluster and interested parties from the solar industry visited K2 Systems. The main focus centred around the topics of digitisation of the PV industry and current changes in the German Energy Act (EEG). In addition, there was a tour of the company in Renningen.

The main topics were presented by keynote speeches and stimulating discussions. The diversity of the guests, ranging from module and inverter manufacturers, installers and project managers to energy supplies, reflected the range of interests. This resulted in lively discussions and networking opportunities.

Two employees from the K2 Systems development department, with the introduction of the new online planning tool Base On, showed just how the digitisation can look for a mounting system manufacturer.

Keynote digitalization of pv

Ronald Laude, Head of R&D

"For us, digital developments mean that we can intuitively plan a mounting system from anywhere, at any time. We applied this concept to the development of K2 Base On and thus created a tool for automatic design. With Base On, a product has emerged that can be easily applied to all roofs in a matter of seconds," concludes Ronald Laude, Head of Research and Development at K2 Systems.

K2 Systems opens the doors

Participants found the tour of the K2 Systems GmbH premises to be especially interesting. In addition to the administration building, where the development team is working on new systems and assembly components, the visit to the warehouse was also a special highlight.

"Around 350 tonnes of aluminium are currently stored in our warehouse, which is in part chaotically organised. This means that the items requested every day are stored in the front and that all other storage goods are not assigned to a fixed location, but are placed where there is free space when received. This storage method has proven very well for us," said Marcel Grilo, Head of Supply Chain Management at K2 Systems.

K2 Systems company visit
K2 Systems company visit

About Solar Cluster Baden-Württemberg

Since 2012, the Solar Cluster has represented around 40 companies from Baden-Württemberg, Germany, from all parts of the solar value-added chain and provides a platform for information and discussion, as well as joint projects and networks. (Source: Solar Cluster Baden-Württemberg)

The network meeting is a regular quarterly series of events hosted by a Solar Cluster Baden-Württemberg member company. In addition to cluster members, the afternoon session is open to all interested parties and is a platform for gathering information and exchanging expertise. K2 Systems has been active in the cluster for several years and hosted the first network meeting of 2017 with the topic "digitisation".

If you would like to learn more about the work of Solar Cluster Baden-Württemberg, please contact the Cluster directly!


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