Mounting SpeedRail on the trapezoidal sheet metal

21 May 2021 Vlog

Video on installation with Ronny Barner in German

In the video, we show you how to install the SpeedRail mounting system on roofs with trapezoidal sheet metal and securely fasten a solar system.

The proven long rail system is floating with controlled thermal linear expansion and our best-selling system. The SpeedRail is the all-rounder among the mounting systems with only 4 installation steps and is also suitable for high loads. For Germany, the system has a General Building Approval (AbZ for short).

0:15 min | Special features of the SpeedRail system with the SpeedClip
0:49 min | Mounting the SpeedClip on the trapezoidal sheet and fixing it in place
1:53 min | Design in the planning software K2 Base
2:33 min | Connection of the mounting rails with the SpeedConnector
2:52 min | Fixing with the SpeedLock
3:35 min | Presentation of the suitable module clamps and installation of the solar modules
4:11 min | Mounting modules in Landscape with a cross-connection with SingleRail
4:44 min | Mounting modules in landscape with the AddOn


Video: RailUp for SpeedRail

With little material input, the RailUp enables elevation parallel to the roof, improving rear ventilation and providing enhanced module performance.


Video: Trapezoidal sheet metal systems

The video gives you an overview of the three mounting systems MultiRail, MiniRail and SpeedRail including recommendations and mounting tips.



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