Classic roof hook CrossHook now also available for SolidRail: CrossHook 4SL

Roof hook CrossHook 4SL

‘The CrossHook 4, extremely popular with customers, convinces with its flexibility!’

  • The new aluminium roof hook CrossHook 4SL is triple height adjustable for the batten area (40/47/54 mm).

  • The height of the bracket is also adjustable (55-85 mm).

  • The base plate has a width of 100 millimetres and has 3 screw connection options. Thus, the bracket additionally allows adjustment in horizontal axis.

  • The bracket has a slotted bore hole for mounting the SolidRail.

  • The roof hook (article no.: 2003156) has a total height of 120.5-165 mm.

  • In K2 Base you can also plan the roof hook CrossHook 4SL soon.

Video with CrossHook 4SL

In the video, the two K2 employees Olga and Lars show you suitable roof hooks for mounting on clay and flat concrete roof tiles.



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